Rules for using of Log Table

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear friends today I will write about log table and their different using rules. At my last post I had written about Algebraic Methods of Solving Simultaneous Equations, is totally explained the basic Simultaneous Equations according the Algebraic Methods. We use various symbols for business application like present value (PV), Future values (FV), Interest rate (i), Rate of depreciation (d), Number of Years (n), Scrap/salvage value (SV) and Annuity/Installment (A). So Let’s know the Rules of use of Log Table

1. At least four decimal places are acceptable for logarithm values
2. Logarithm of negative number is not defined. So logarithm of negative number is always rejected.
3. The scientific calculator may be used in palace of logarithm tables for finding logarithm values.
4. In case of using scientific calculator in place of logarithm tables , negative numbers of logarithms must be covered into positive numbers with a bar donation.
5. Rules for converting negative of logarithms into positive numbers of logarithms are as follows:
  • For example, let a scientific calculator gives the value of log 0.000786=-3.1046
  • To convert this negative number into positive number we shall write one more value of integral part with a bar notation, and adding this number to the negative value for placing new functional results behind the bar value, i.e. 4.8954
  • To find the value of antilogarithm of 4.8954 through the scientific calculator we must use the original negative number. Because simple scientific calculator does not receive bar value.

I think you understand the above article Rules for using of log table. It will be helpful for a newbie to learn more. I will write in next post about rules of Business Application.

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